Workers’ Compensation RCM for Ambulatory Practices

Our workers’ compensation revenue cycle solutions for ambulatory practices are provided by Innovative Medical Management (now part of Resolv). Innovative Medical Management has more than 30 years of claims management experience. We work together to bill and collect workers’ compensation, occupational medicine, personal injury, Medicare, and commercial claims. This helps your organization remain competitive and profitable.

Resolv business data

Resolve Work Comp Claims and Grow Profits

Engine time mangement

Stay Up to Date on Industry Changes

As a true partner to your practice, we keep your claims processing compliant with changing regulations, so you maximize collections.

Patient Claim Collection

Collect Claims in a
Timely Manner

Our team of experts in workers’ compensation revenue cycle management, medical billing, and collections can help you collect payments for your claims and represent you in appeals board hearings. We can also work with insurance companies to help get your claims paid faster and more efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Save Time and Streamline Patient Experience

Our processes ensure revenue cycle management efficiency and a smooth patient experience to free up more of your time to focus on patient care.

Expert RCM Services for Ambulatory Practices and Group Providers

We provide comprehensive services to help ambulatory practices and group healthcare providers manage their revenue cycle from start to finish.

Full-Service RCM

  • – Coding audits
  • – Denials management
  • – Insurance verification
  • – Patient intake form review
  • – Claim submissions
  • – Billing and collections
  • – Patient collections

Complex Claims

  • – Collection services
  • – Representation at Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board hearings
  • – Follow-up on untimely insurance company claim payments
  • – Penalty and interest assessment

Occupational Medicine

  • – Employer relationship-building
  • – Clinic collections

Personal Injury

  • – Personal injury claims management & settlement

Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury Claims Revenue Cycle Solution Technology

Resolv is formed from a collective of exceptional RCM services and RCM and EHR technology solutions. We can work with any software you use, but we also have two special technologies that can help you manage Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury cases more efficiently.


Conexem is the only practice management software designed specifically for the medical-legal industry. It lets you do everything you need to manage your medical practice in one place, including processing claims and bills smoothly.


CompData is a tool that helps to speed up the process of resolving cases related to workers’ compensation. It allows you to easily search for and confirm information related to claims, keep track of the status of cases, and resolve claims quickly.

Looking for Specialized Workers’ Compensation Claim Resolution Services?

Connect with our expert team to learn how our Workers’ Compensation RCM solutions can help your practice.