Revenue Cycle Management for Laboratory Service Providers

Resolv’s revenue cycle management solutions for laboratories are powered by Ultimate Billing (now part of Resolv). Ultimate Billing has 25+ years of experience providing specialized RCM services for laboratory service providers. Leverage our expertise to increase your efficiency and maximize your margins.

Clinical Laboratory Billing and Collections, Optimized

Increased Visibility of Lab Claims

Our laboratory service billing experts can help your organization accurately bill for every procedure, so your lab claims get proper attention and visibility and get paid.


We give clinical laboratories the power to own their billing operations and financial performance. With our technology and service, we uncover trends by payor and by ordering provider and ensure your claims are not written off.

Easy Access to Lab-Specific Data

Our experts can help you set lab specific KPIs and provide data to help you manage an efficient, profitable laboratory service.

Services to Support the Complexities of Laboratory Billing

We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management services for laboratory services that cover all of your revenue cycle-related bases.

Revenue cycle process improvement

Payer credentialing and relations

Front end claims submission error processing

Recognizing and recovering write-offs and other under-reimbursement

Proactive denial management


“Resolv Healthcare identified Laboratory Billing criteria to ensure proper reimbursement from payors. This made a tremendous impact in our denials and cash collections.”

Lincoln Laboratories

Laboratories we Serve

We provide billing and revenue cycle management services for clinical and diagnostic laboratory services performed at:

  • – Independent laboratories
  • – Physician office laboratories
  • – Clinical laboratories
  • – Referring laboratories
  • – Reference laboratories
  • – Billing laboratories
  • – Medicare-approved laboratories

Looking for a Lab Services Billing Expert?

Connect with our expert team to learn how our RCM services and technology can help your laboratory service’s revenue cycle.